Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Now that we have moved back to Shelbyville, my little man is having a lot of things to adjust to. He started a new childcare and I am super excited about it, but I know he is trying to get used to it still.

His new childcare fills out daily reports on how he eats, sleeps, as well as wet and dirty diapers.

His first day he clung to me like a spider monkey and bawled and screamed for his mommy and I had to leave him. It was difficult, but I know it would only make it worse to stick around or to try and comfort him longer. He didn't eat much, except for snack time....I think he was probably starved by this time. He only slept for an hour, which is highly unusual for him, because he will normally sleep for 3 hours, if you will let him. My grandmother picked him up from school for me, but my sister went to get him from her and she took him to Walmart. They had a good time together.

He has been progressively getting better. He is crying less, eating and sleeping more!!!

Another adjustment is his new house and new room. I am not sure he is adjusting very well. This big new house with all of this room to run is just killing him. The video below will show just what a difficult time he is having.

See what I mean. He is just not adjusting well to his new house at all. In truth, Noah has had zero problems adjusting to his new house. My grandparents were worried he wouldn't like being so far away from our room, but I don't think he could care less.

I can't wait for Noah to get used to his new childcare center so that he will be able to enjoy playing with all of the kids and getting to know his grandparents who are helping us out! I know my sister had a good time with Noah when she "rescued" him, as she likes to

There are so many great things about moving back, but I am most excited that I am going to get to host Christmas at my house! I have never been able to do this before, so I am pretty excited.

I hope you are all having a great week!

Talk to you later.....Jordan