Sunday, April 14, 2013

Totally Random

So this post has no rhyme or reason, but for me to catch up!

Firstly, Andrew is doing great. He doesn't complain about his leg hurting anymore and he can just about function completely normal...yay!

Secondly, Noah has learned how to drive! Lol, he learned on his cousin Jillian's Barbie jeep. He loved it so much I am on the search for an affordable one for him. His birthday is in January so he doesn't really get toys for outside.

Thirdly, we had such a wonderful weekend, last weekend with my sister and her family. Not that we don't always have a great time, but the kids had so much fun playing outside and taking a cousin bath! I had to give the boys a rocker hairdo....the ever classic Mohawk! They looked so cute, but I don't know that they cared for them because they quickly reached up and destroyed them.

Fourth, Last week was Spring break. Sounds fun right.....but my branch manager was still out on maternity leave and the assistant manager was on vacation. Monday I didn't get to take. Lunch, Tuesday was our only normal day, Wednesday we got cash audited at my branch....and of course I was freaking turned out we got great scores, but I was so not expecting that. That brings us to Thursday....I work at a bank and we have a system where all of the items we take during the day have to be scanned....that is called branch about 2ish on Thursday our whole system in the company crashed....which meant I had to stay until it was fixed.....I was at work until 11:15 at night......yes I worked from 8:30am to 11:15pm and I didn't have a chance to take my lunch that day.......thank goodness my boss let me off the next day, especially since I had to work Saturday! Needless to say I am so glad that week is over, but Noah and I did have a fantastic Friday playing in the backyard. He is so his daddy son, he played with his golf clubs almost the whole time!

Well thanks for reading! I'll write again


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hello again

Hello again everyone! Sorry we have been absent for a while, I have had a busy house!

For starters two weeks ago today Andrew got injured at work. He was changing the oil in a golf cart, and they have to keep the accelerator down....obviously it is out of gear.....until it knocked into hear and ran into him, pinned him up against a metal blower and tire a gash in his calf muscle.

Needless to say, he wasn't able to walk and had to have crutches to get around. And he is HORRIBLE on crutches!!!

I have been taking care of the house by myself, him, the kid, and the animals!

He is finally able to walk without crutches and is getting back to normal. He returned to work this last Saturday! Everything around the house has gotten back to normal and I am so thankful!

Noah got a Thomas train set for Easter! Thomas even drives on his own! Noah loves it and wants to keep it on all the time.

Easter was great and Noah looked so handsome! Thank you to his NaNi for making his bow tie!

This week has been Spring Break for Noah. Because of the type of facility he goes to the daycare/school works with the school system. Noah has been with his grandparents playing with his cousins and at the park! He is having a blast, but I will be glad when he gets back on his regular schedule.

Below are a few pictures:

Friday, March 1, 2013

Just real quick!

Yes we are still alive.....just inconsistent with my posts. Here are a few pics of our week.

I straightened my hair.........just for two days. It takes way to long to do that on a regular basis, but it's fun very once in a people say I look totally different with my hair straight!

My sister gave Noah an awesome rocking frog that he is in love with! He has so much fun on it. Thanks NaNi!

Noah is a true man while he is on the potty.......he loves to look at books and play with my phone! I say whatever gets him to go!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Best Way to Shop

Since Noah has turned 2 he has decided he doesn't want to take a nap most days. I can't believe he is already doing this, but at least he doesn't get cranky......most days!

Yesterday, my sister and I took our boys shopping after church. Once we finished up shopping in Louisville we headed to Kroger for some grocery shopping.

Noah fell asleep in the car on the way back and shockingly stayed sleeping when I got him out of the car and put him in the shopping cart.

To my surprise he stayed sleeping the whole time.....and I was able to get a picture.

After finishing up at the store I realized that when you have a sleeping baby in a shopping cart EVERYONE has to look and swoon, or say how sweet they are!

Have a great week!!!!!