Friday, January 25, 2013

Noah at 2

Sorry this is a little late, but here are Noah's stats.

My 2 year old weighs in at 30 lbs.....shockingly he is in the 75th percentile for his age.

He is 34 inches tall, putting him in the 50th percentile.

He did good for his checkup, but did not care for his shots. What kid does though. His Daddy quickly told Noah we would go get ice cream since he had to get shots, so that made it all better!

Some things about him I will never forget...especially since I am writing them down:

His favorite book is Green Eggs And Ham, by Dr Suess. The kid gets this book every night! I am really getting tired of the book, but I don't think he will be any time soon.

He is starting to realize animals have names other than our animals names. He used to call every dog Grace, but now he knows they have different names.

We went to PF Changs the other day for lunch and I ordered him LoMein...... He loved it. He even loved using chop sticks and he was able to use them the next day to eat his leftovers.

He loves trains! I believe he has 5 big trains at home and a small Thomas train track, which he plays with every day. He loves to watch Chuggington! I love that show because it teaches colors and many other things.

I bought him a paint pallet thing for his birthday and he loves to paint. He tends to get a bit carried away, so there is always supervision!

Does anyone have any ideas on displaying his artwork? I thought about getting a poster sized frame and making a collage out of them, but I am open to other ideas!

I think it is almost time to full on potty train.......any tips there would be appreciated as well!

Closing out the post with a few pics.....enjoy!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Noah is 2!!!!!

Noah turned two yesterday and I am so excited.

I was a little sad at first, but now I am excited for everything that I know is coming up!

This is just a little teaser......I will post more about him after his checkup on Wednesday!

Here are a few pics of him.....enjoy!

Happy Birthday Noah. Mommy loves you so much!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Noah's language

I think that all of the parents out here in blogger land can agree that when your kid starts talking it is exciting! I love it when my little Noah learns new words and uses them. It makes me feel really good as a parent that my child is learning.

On the other hand my son has a little problem pronouncing words right now. So, unfortunately for me, some of words don't sound like what they should.

For example: when Noah says please, it sounds like tease......not a big deal until he says pretty please, which sounds like titty tease!

Somewhat funny and cute, but there are still other words that have a similar pronunciation.

Noah loves Mickey Mouse and whenever he sees Mickey he exclaims Dickey. Yes, my son has taken a beloved childhood character and made him sound bad.

One last word that he likes to use his different language for is paci.......only to Noah the word sounds like assy. Yes, he completely drops the p from the word and it takes on a whole different meaning.

My sweet little man doesn't know he is saying these things the wrong way, or how they sound to adults, but we do.

Again, I love that he is learning new words, I just wish he could pronounce them so that they don't sound perverted!

We may be looking at a speech therapist in the future if he doesn't grow out of it!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic New Year!

Talk to you later.....Jordan