Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This N That

I don't really have one thing to write about today, so I thought I would write about this n that!

Here goes......

Noah had a little tumble head first on blacktop over the weekend. So this would be his second goose egg on his head. This one looks a little worse than the last one, but it is in the same spot......go figure!

He really had a bad booboo!

We are trying to sell out house, have been for a while. Not going as good as we had hoped! We are wanting to move closer to my family since I drive there every weekend anyway! Wish us luck!

Our house, which is a little hard to sell right now...ARGH

My sister in law gave me a book to read, and it is excellent! They recently made a movie based on some of the real life events. You may have heard of it and seen it, The Vow. This book is written from the husbands perspective. He is very honest and talks about the spiritual journey and makes me want to cry, just about ever page. For anyone who knows God, wants to know God, or is curious about him, this book will give you cold chills! I highly recommend it!

The real family the vow was written about.

For any of you that read The Mom-Me-Diaries, you might remember her post about her husband who we recently found out had cancer. The Mom-Me is my sister. My brother in law can really use your continued prayers. Randy is such a wonderful brother in law and we need to keep him in our family! His first round of Chemo is this Friday. Pray for him and his beautiful family please!

My brother in law, Randy!

My sister's sister in law and family are moving back to shelbyville this coming weekend! We are very excited. Her daughter Shelby is about the age of my niece Jillian. They have such a wonderful time playing together. I know they are both excited!

Kim, Jay and Shelby

We went to the peddlers mall this past weekend and Jillian found a both that she loved. It is filled with little girl clothing and accessories. She kept calling it her home. It was so cute!

Jillian in her house, with some stunning sunglasses!

Saturday we had a yard sale and it went great. We had our doubts because we didn't get started until almost 10........which is super late for a yard sale. However we did go until 5, which is latest we have ever done a yard sale!

I guess that is all I have for now. Don't forget to stop by for wordless Wednesday!

Write you later.....Jordan

Monday, July 23, 2012

Future Golfer?

So, for those of you who don't know, my husband is an assistant golf professional. He works for Seneca Golf Course and loves it.

He has been playing since middle school. It is a very time consuming profession, but he loves it; so I deal!

My dad bought a little golf bag for a young child, a while ago, and ended up giving it to us for Noah.....imagine that!

This past week Andrew was with Noah at home and he decided to give him the bag and see if he could walk with it on.

He loved it!!!!! Just like his daddy! He walked around with it and kept hoisting it up as it was falling. His little waddle was so cute!

I might mention that he learned how to walk by holding a golf club! That's right, holding the golf club helped him balance enough to take his first steps!

Playing with a golf club at a local consignment store.

Pushing his bag around PaPa's yard.
He may have learned about golf on the womb since my husband would say, "golf, golf, golf" every tome he would talk to Noah in my stomach.

Again with his golf bag at PaPa's.

Future golf pro? Good possibility, especially if his daddy has anything to say about it.

Write you later.....Jordan

Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting bigger

Noah went to the Pediatrician for his 18 month check up on Wednesday.

He was a bit cranky because his daddy had to wake him up from his nap to leave. Andrew said he woke him up and he didn't want to leave his sitters. He said Noah just started screaming and crying, so he had to rush him out, so that he didn't wake the other kids!

Noah had a frown on his face the whole ride to the Pediatrician and wouldn't smile for either of us.

Once we got to the Pediatricians office he couldn't decide who he wanted. When his daddy would hold him he would cry, momma, in the most pitiful little voice. However, if I tried to touch or hold him he grabbed for his daddy!

Once the Doctors assistant came in we had to strip him to put him on the scale, which made him crying again.

We picked him up and got his diaper back on to get his length, which he didn't want to be still for. Then came the measurement of the head. He screamed and cried.....you would have thought she was torturing him.

After she left Noah and his daddy played on the table a bit and got him in a little better mood...........until the doctor came in.

Finally a good smile!

Noah squirmed and fussed the whole time the doctor was telling us about the "terrible two's!" The Doctor told us that the terrible twos start at around 18 months. I quickly assured him ours started at 12 months, and of course he said he was sorry!

Once he was finished telling us about the terrible twos and the best way to get through them, without loosing your mind, he took a look at Noah. Luckily he did pretty good until he asked to look at his teeth and Noah wouldn't let him, so he took him, which again made him cry......lord was I tired of the crying!

After the exam he said that he was within about a pound and a half of being the perfect weight and height!

Here are his measurements:
24 lbs 10.5 oz---------25-50 percentile
32 1/2 in-----------------50 percentile
19 1/2 head circumference----------90 percentile

My boy has been in the 90th percentile for his head since about 3 or 4 months. The Doctor said, "at least you won't have to special order a football helmet for him." Well, I guess that is looking on the bright side!

Noah was in a better mood once we got home and he had a great time playing with his horse on a stick!

Write you later.....Jordan

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What? Noah is 18 months old!

When I was younger I remember people telling me how quickly time would fly when I got older. I think the key is when you have kids!

I don't necessarily think my life is flying by, but my sons is!

At 18 months Noah is: running everywhere, into everything, always talking (although I am not sure what it is about most of the time,) repeating everything we do.....monkey see monkey do!

You can say so many things I lose count, but here are a few of your new words: Gracie, (our dog whom you love to holler for and a girl who goes to your sitters,) man (you got that from Dora when swiper says "aw man,") all done, yes or yeah (you like to switch it up,) oh tootles (from Mickey Mouse,) and others I am sure I am forgetting!

Your favorite shows/movies are: Mickey mouse, Dora, Diego and The Lion King.

You love to: sing, dance, play your little four note piano, swim, go down water slides, drink anything I am drinking or anything with a straw, ride in your wagon, push/pull anything you can get your hands on, and play with cousins Jillian and Wyatt.

You like to eat: green beans, peas, fruit, Kissa's baked spaghetti, Mac and cheese, yogurt.

I used to call you Buddha belly after you ate, but now I call you my bird, because you like to pick rather than eat most of the time!

Your measurements are to come next week.

My little man, you are my heart and I love you so much! It has been so amazing to watch you grow and learn. You can be such a sweetheart and a little stinker at the same time, but I always love you! I get so excited and sad, at the same time, when you do something new.

You are becoming so independent, but always want me to be around you at the same time! You keep me on my toes and currently do not like me to lay you down awake.

You love to swim in the pool, but hate most floats. Drinking the pool or bath water is one of your favorite and my least favorite things you do!

My life would not be complete without you. You go with me everywhere and try to do everything I do. You remind me of your GiGi a lot of times and that just melts my heart! You are my sweet baby boy and I will always love you! Thank you so much for teaching me patients and how the love of a child feels. You have forever changed my life and I know I am a better person because of you!

Write you later.....Jordan

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vacation Week

Hello all! I have not been on here in the past week because I have been on vacation! Or should I say, staycation.

Noah and I were able to hang out all week and Andrew was even able to be with us Wednesday through Friday!!!

Monday: was spent fogging the house for bugs.....woohoo! Andrew was able to help before we left and then we went to the golf course and hung out. Noah got to run around for a bit and then we ate some lunch at the course and went home. I then cleaned massively while Noah took a nap. Of. course he woke up and made mommy hold him for the rest of his nap!

Tuesday: Noah and I took Andrew to work because we went that night to my dad's. After we dropped Andrew off we went to Wild Eggs!

It was pretty good. Noah got French Toast, while I got an avocado BLT sandwich and some potato bites. We really enjoyed it there, I had been wanting to try it forever!

We went to the mall after that so I could find a nice one piece bathing suit. It was a total bust! I only found 1 I liked and it was almost $50. I decided I would stick with what I had and we went home for the rest of the day and played!

Wednesday: we spent the night at my dads so he and my husband could play golf, before going to the 4th of July party!

Noah took a good 2-2 1/2 hour nap and then Carissa and her family came over so we could get some food ready for the party. Carissa made a squash casserole and I made a flag out of blueberries, strawberries and bananas! Carissa had the idea, but I made it while she made the casserole! They were both really good.

We swam from about 4-9 at Bobs house! He has this great pool that is shallow on both ends, but gets to five feet in the middle. There I even a slide into the pool! We had a great time. My lovely sister took a picture of us in the pool, since I am always telling her I don't have any family photos!!!!! Thanks Kissa!

We ended the night with fireworks. It was a great show this year! Noah liked the pretty colors, but he jumped every time they shot off. Overall though, he did really well. I was so proud of him!

Thursday: we all relaxed a little. Noah relaxed a lot. The boy took a 4 hour nap! Scarred the stink out of me. I of course checked to make sure he was breathing at 3 hours, called my sister at 3 1/2 hour to see if I should wake him up and then woke him up at 4 hours! I think he might have slept all day if I let him!

My dad came and got the spare bed and chest of drawers from us and gave us an elliptical! We never have anyone stay the night now that we have a kid, so we figured he might use it more than us! It was his grandfather and grandmothers furniture, so we wanted to keep it in the family!

After I woke Noah up from his nap we went to Dicks sporting goods where Andrew had a gift card and spent the rest of it. He got a nice pair of golf shorts and two Kentucky shirts....he never can have enough Kentucky shirts! I got a tie dye volleyball and Noah got a bouncy ball, that looks like a basketball.

After that we went out to Senior Iguanas with Andrews parents. We think his dad liked it, but don't know if his mom was very impressed. Andrew and I always like it, so we enjoyed supper!

Friday: we went to Holiday World for the day. We left at 8:45 and got there right when the park opened. My sister in law and two kids envied us. Man she knows what she is doing. They are season ticket holders, so they showed us the ropes!

First we rode in the old timey cars. Zac drove me, andrew and noah. Steph and Emma rode in a different car. It was Fun, but way to short.

Then we went to a little splash park before the whole park opened and Noah had a blast!

Emma and I rode a ride the spins really fast and goes upside down. It was pretty fun, I think I could have fallen asleep! Noah rode in a little boat with his cousin Zac, I think Noah had fun!

Once the park opened we went to the water park and Noah had a blast going down the slides! That is all he wanted to do. We finally went to the lazy river and Noah was awake for the first time and then I got him to fall asleep for the second trip. We stayed in for one more go around to make sure he asleep.

He took a nap in his covered wagon. Thank goodness we had the canopy, he still was sweating bullets, but at least he had some shade.

We finished up about at about 5 in the water park and Emma, me, and Andrew rode the Voyage. Emma did not know If she really wanted to ride because she was scared. She ended up loving it and just wanted to keep riding, but it was time to go. Before we left Noah got to ride the horses. He liked them pretty well!

Once we left we headed to Cracker Barrel for supper. It was such a great day! We have decided that we must go back!

Write you later.....Jordan