Saturday, July 14, 2012

What? Noah is 18 months old!

When I was younger I remember people telling me how quickly time would fly when I got older. I think the key is when you have kids!

I don't necessarily think my life is flying by, but my sons is!

At 18 months Noah is: running everywhere, into everything, always talking (although I am not sure what it is about most of the time,) repeating everything we do.....monkey see monkey do!

You can say so many things I lose count, but here are a few of your new words: Gracie, (our dog whom you love to holler for and a girl who goes to your sitters,) man (you got that from Dora when swiper says "aw man,") all done, yes or yeah (you like to switch it up,) oh tootles (from Mickey Mouse,) and others I am sure I am forgetting!

Your favorite shows/movies are: Mickey mouse, Dora, Diego and The Lion King.

You love to: sing, dance, play your little four note piano, swim, go down water slides, drink anything I am drinking or anything with a straw, ride in your wagon, push/pull anything you can get your hands on, and play with cousins Jillian and Wyatt.

You like to eat: green beans, peas, fruit, Kissa's baked spaghetti, Mac and cheese, yogurt.

I used to call you Buddha belly after you ate, but now I call you my bird, because you like to pick rather than eat most of the time!

Your measurements are to come next week.

My little man, you are my heart and I love you so much! It has been so amazing to watch you grow and learn. You can be such a sweetheart and a little stinker at the same time, but I always love you! I get so excited and sad, at the same time, when you do something new.

You are becoming so independent, but always want me to be around you at the same time! You keep me on my toes and currently do not like me to lay you down awake.

You love to swim in the pool, but hate most floats. Drinking the pool or bath water is one of your favorite and my least favorite things you do!

My life would not be complete without you. You go with me everywhere and try to do everything I do. You remind me of your GiGi a lot of times and that just melts my heart! You are my sweet baby boy and I will always love you! Thank you so much for teaching me patients and how the love of a child feels. You have forever changed my life and I know I am a better person because of you!

Write you later.....Jordan


  1. cute cute cute! Yes, they really do grow up so fast. We love Mickey Mouse and swimming at our house, too.

  2. He is growing up way to fast!! It makes me sad too! But I love every minute of it! Great post! Oh and I love your new layout, it's awesome! Lol!!

  3. What a ham! Time really does go by too fast for the little ones :(