Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting bigger

Noah went to the Pediatrician for his 18 month check up on Wednesday.

He was a bit cranky because his daddy had to wake him up from his nap to leave. Andrew said he woke him up and he didn't want to leave his sitters. He said Noah just started screaming and crying, so he had to rush him out, so that he didn't wake the other kids!

Noah had a frown on his face the whole ride to the Pediatrician and wouldn't smile for either of us.

Once we got to the Pediatricians office he couldn't decide who he wanted. When his daddy would hold him he would cry, momma, in the most pitiful little voice. However, if I tried to touch or hold him he grabbed for his daddy!

Once the Doctors assistant came in we had to strip him to put him on the scale, which made him crying again.

We picked him up and got his diaper back on to get his length, which he didn't want to be still for. Then came the measurement of the head. He screamed and would have thought she was torturing him.

After she left Noah and his daddy played on the table a bit and got him in a little better mood...........until the doctor came in.

Finally a good smile!

Noah squirmed and fussed the whole time the doctor was telling us about the "terrible two's!" The Doctor told us that the terrible twos start at around 18 months. I quickly assured him ours started at 12 months, and of course he said he was sorry!

Once he was finished telling us about the terrible twos and the best way to get through them, without loosing your mind, he took a look at Noah. Luckily he did pretty good until he asked to look at his teeth and Noah wouldn't let him, so he took him, which again made him cry......lord was I tired of the crying!

After the exam he said that he was within about a pound and a half of being the perfect weight and height!

Here are his measurements:
24 lbs 10.5 oz---------25-50 percentile
32 1/2 in-----------------50 percentile
19 1/2 head circumference----------90 percentile

My boy has been in the 90th percentile for his head since about 3 or 4 months. The Doctor said, "at least you won't have to special order a football helmet for him." Well, I guess that is looking on the bright side!

Noah was in a better mood once we got home and he had a great time playing with his horse on a stick!

Write you later.....Jordan


  1. What a cute a perfect little boy! & just like you waking up a toddler from a nap is a very bad idea! I have also had many experiences at the pediatrician just like yours. I also cant wait to go in to show off my happy little boy and then he asks like a crazy person when he gets in the room. Glad to hear all seems well.

  2. Funny - Darien was always right on target with all of his measurements but his head, it was usually in the 80-90th percentile. Still is. And it made me laugh about the football helmet. He wears one of the biggest helmets on his team, and he's NOT one of the larger kids!

  3. You didn't tell me about this! Sorry he gave you guys such a hard time, but that's our Noah! Terrible twos here we come!!! It'll be fine..... Wyatt is so gonna be way bigger is way bigger than Noah!!