Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Part 2: Memorial Day

Our Memorial day was a whirl wind. We had a great time, starting at my Mamaw Helen's house for lunch. My cousin Dwayne cooked some great pork chops on the grill....he really has a way with grilling pork chops!

We also enjoyed some real mashed potatoes. My Mamaw makes the best mashed potatoes. Also on the menu were: frank and beans, rolls, corn on the cob, cut up fresh fruit and some awesome 7 layer salad!!!!! Yes, I know what you are thinking and sorry to make you hungry, but now you know just one of the reasons we love holidays at my MAMAW'S.......good ol' country cookin! Yummy!

My nephew Wyatt, my sisters son, just turned 1 a few weeks ago and my sister had my uncle Scott, a professional photographer, do a photo shoot of Wyatt. It was very cute, but so hot! I actually didn't get any pictures of him with my phone because I had my sisters camera and my son kept wandering off. I got a couple of pictures of him, but I am not sure how they turned out just yet.

Here are some of the pictures I took after the shoot with remaining props.

Noah loves balloons, but he wasn't sure if he could play with these.

He wasn't to interested in taking pictures.

Jillian holding the balloons.

After a long afternoon at my MAMAW'S we headed to Cassie's house. She is my sisters best friends from high school.

She and her husband Matt fried a huge catfish, that he caught, and some other fish. It was excellent! We also had some drinks Cassie's mom made... Limeade, real cut strawberries, and some tequila....aka the worm! They were very good.

The kids played outside a little, but it was pretty hot, so Just Dance was introduced to my sister and me. It was a blast. Blake took care of the kids for a few songs. He is such a good babysitter!

Blake and the boys

I felt like an idiot, but I had so much fun, and the kids were some dancing fools too!

Jillian, Wyatt and Noah all got their grove on. I think Wyatt is missing from these pictures, but I assure you he boogied down!

From left to right to left: Lane, Jillian, Noah and Blake

And stretch it good

Write you later.....Jordan

Weekend Part 1: Birthday Party-in

Well this weekend was packed full of fun. We went to two birthday parties on Saturday! The first one was early evening at 5, for Michael. The second was Kendra at 6, she had a western themed party! Here are some pictures from the events....

Noah is not so sure he wants to get in. The water was cold.

Noah kept trying to walk down the hill. He wasn't very successful.

Watching Auntie Kissa change cousin Wyatt.

The boys eating at Kendra's birthday party.

Wyatt is serious about his food!

Me and my baby!

The birthday girl holding Noah. Not an easy thing to do!

I know the boys had fun at Kendra's birthday party. We hope she did to. Happy Birthday Ken!

Write you later.....Jordan

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Tears

My son, Noah, never got to meet his GiGi, my mother. She passed away after almost 2 years battling breast cancer, she was an amazing woman, wonderful mother and an exceptional GiGi, to my niece Jillian. 

This is what I like to call our Charmed pose. Me, my sister and my mom!

This is my mom with Jillian near the end. She loved her grand-daughter with all her might!

Even though my son never got to meet his GiGi, I tell him stories about her all the time and he loves to point her out in pictures. This started when Noah was very young. In the hallway there is a large collage frame with pictures of family and Noah always pointed to pictures of his GiGi. I knew at this point that she was around him.

The other night I was rocking my son before bed. I read him his story as usual, sang him his song and then he laid his head back toward the ceiling and I can swear he said, "Good night GiGi." 

Now remember my son is only 16 months so I was a little taken off guard. I gathered my thoughts, sat him on my knee and looked him in the eye. I then asked my son, "Did you just say, Good Night GiGi?"

Here recently Noah has learned to say, unh unh and shake his head yes. So after I asked him the question, it looked like he was thinking about it, then shook his head yes.

At that point I was slightly crying and hugged him very tightly and told him how much I loved him and his GiGi.

I know that some people may not believe in this type of thing, but I do. I also know that many of the people who knew my mom and were close to her have told me that they feel like my mom has given them signs before as well. Debbie Hembree told me about a clock that had not chimed in years, and it decided to chime shortly after my mom passed away while she was thinking of her.

GiGi you are greatly missed and cannot be replaced. I wish that Noah was able to meet you in person, but I hope that I can tell him enough about you, so that he will feel you presence always.

Rest In Peace
05-06-1962 to 02-12-2010
Jennifer Jo Stivers McClain
Loving wife, Caring mother and Amazing Grandmother

Write you later.....Jordan

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Welcome to my life


Welcome to my blog. After much persuasion from my sister Carissa, at The Mom-Me Diaries, I have decided to start my own blog.

 I have a son, Noah, who is now 16 months old.

Noah Mitchell Lardner

We have been talking about our sons lately, shocking right, and we both realize how easy it is to forget things about them.

The boys driving already......Watch out on the road!

Therefore this blog will mainly be about my son and what he does and says. It will also have glimpses of my husband Andrew, who is the assistant Golf Professional for Seneca Golf Course.

Me and Andrew on Vacation
In the summer my husband lives at the Golf Course, so we cherish all of the time we spend with him. Fridays are what I like to call, "Family  Night's" for the summer. Friday's are the only night Andrew is not working so we all get to spend time together.

Spending time with family is very important to me, so there will also be posts with the following people:
My sister-Carissa Sanford-aka Kissa
My brother in law-Randy-aka Uncle Randy
My niece-Jillian-aka Jilly Bean
My nephew-Wyatt-aka Hands Magee
My dad-Mitch McClain-aka Papa
My dad's mom-Helen McClain-aka Mamaw Helen
My mom's mom-Louellen Stivers-aka Memaw
My mom's dad-Lonnie Stivers-aka GP........the story on the name is GP is short for Grand-Pa because he was to young to be called grandpa

My husband's mom-Debbie Lardner-aka Memaw
My husband's dad-Jim Lardner-aka Pop Pop
My husband's oldest sister-Stephanie Curl-aka Aunt Steph
My husband's sister's husband-Craig Curl-aka Uncle Craig
My husband's sister's daughter-Emma
My husband's sister's son-Zack
My husband's middle sister-Christina-aka CiCi

I am sure that there will other family members that will be mentioned, but these are the one's you will see most often.

Well, it is late and that list is long, so I am calling it a night! Write you later.