Saturday, May 19, 2012

Welcome to my life


Welcome to my blog. After much persuasion from my sister Carissa, at The Mom-Me Diaries, I have decided to start my own blog.

 I have a son, Noah, who is now 16 months old.

Noah Mitchell Lardner

We have been talking about our sons lately, shocking right, and we both realize how easy it is to forget things about them.

The boys driving already......Watch out on the road!

Therefore this blog will mainly be about my son and what he does and says. It will also have glimpses of my husband Andrew, who is the assistant Golf Professional for Seneca Golf Course.

Me and Andrew on Vacation
In the summer my husband lives at the Golf Course, so we cherish all of the time we spend with him. Fridays are what I like to call, "Family  Night's" for the summer. Friday's are the only night Andrew is not working so we all get to spend time together.

Spending time with family is very important to me, so there will also be posts with the following people:
My sister-Carissa Sanford-aka Kissa
My brother in law-Randy-aka Uncle Randy
My niece-Jillian-aka Jilly Bean
My nephew-Wyatt-aka Hands Magee
My dad-Mitch McClain-aka Papa
My dad's mom-Helen McClain-aka Mamaw Helen
My mom's mom-Louellen Stivers-aka Memaw
My mom's dad-Lonnie Stivers-aka GP........the story on the name is GP is short for Grand-Pa because he was to young to be called grandpa

My husband's mom-Debbie Lardner-aka Memaw
My husband's dad-Jim Lardner-aka Pop Pop
My husband's oldest sister-Stephanie Curl-aka Aunt Steph
My husband's sister's husband-Craig Curl-aka Uncle Craig
My husband's sister's daughter-Emma
My husband's sister's son-Zack
My husband's middle sister-Christina-aka CiCi

I am sure that there will other family members that will be mentioned, but these are the one's you will see most often.

Well, it is late and that list is long, so I am calling it a night! Write you later.


  1. Yay!! I am so excited for you and your blog!! It's about time! I know you'll love blogging as much as me! And the greatest part is having all these wonderful memories written down for you and Noah to have for years to come! Love you!

  2. Welcome to Blogland!
    Your blog looks great and I really like the background. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  3. Wow! I am shocked Carissa finally got you to start a blog! Glad you did though! Look forward to seeing more posts soon!