Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Part 2: Memorial Day

Our Memorial day was a whirl wind. We had a great time, starting at my Mamaw Helen's house for lunch. My cousin Dwayne cooked some great pork chops on the grill....he really has a way with grilling pork chops!

We also enjoyed some real mashed potatoes. My Mamaw makes the best mashed potatoes. Also on the menu were: frank and beans, rolls, corn on the cob, cut up fresh fruit and some awesome 7 layer salad!!!!! Yes, I know what you are thinking and sorry to make you hungry, but now you know just one of the reasons we love holidays at my MAMAW'S.......good ol' country cookin! Yummy!

My nephew Wyatt, my sisters son, just turned 1 a few weeks ago and my sister had my uncle Scott, a professional photographer, do a photo shoot of Wyatt. It was very cute, but so hot! I actually didn't get any pictures of him with my phone because I had my sisters camera and my son kept wandering off. I got a couple of pictures of him, but I am not sure how they turned out just yet.

Here are some of the pictures I took after the shoot with remaining props.

Noah loves balloons, but he wasn't sure if he could play with these.

He wasn't to interested in taking pictures.

Jillian holding the balloons.

After a long afternoon at my MAMAW'S we headed to Cassie's house. She is my sisters best friends from high school.

She and her husband Matt fried a huge catfish, that he caught, and some other fish. It was excellent! We also had some drinks Cassie's mom made... Limeade, real cut strawberries, and some tequila....aka the worm! They were very good.

The kids played outside a little, but it was pretty hot, so Just Dance was introduced to my sister and me. It was a blast. Blake took care of the kids for a few songs. He is such a good babysitter!

Blake and the boys

I felt like an idiot, but I had so much fun, and the kids were some dancing fools too!

Jillian, Wyatt and Noah all got their grove on. I think Wyatt is missing from these pictures, but I assure you he boogied down!

From left to right to left: Lane, Jillian, Noah and Blake

And stretch it good

Write you later.....Jordan


  1. Sounds like lots of fun....and now I am HUNGRY!

  2. It was a hot, but great weekend!! Lots of fun!!

  3. Ya, the man knows his grilling. He is an amazing cook shhhh ;) but he is better than I am shhhhh ;) I do the baking and he does the cooking. OH, but do not go into the Kitchen and get in his way; he is grouch when you get in his way of cooking LOL. We had a great time too, always love seeing the family.