Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Part 1: Birthday Party-in

Well this weekend was packed full of fun. We went to two birthday parties on Saturday! The first one was early evening at 5, for Michael. The second was Kendra at 6, she had a western themed party! Here are some pictures from the events....

Noah is not so sure he wants to get in. The water was cold.

Noah kept trying to walk down the hill. He wasn't very successful.

Watching Auntie Kissa change cousin Wyatt.

The boys eating at Kendra's birthday party.

Wyatt is serious about his food!

Me and my baby!

The birthday girl holding Noah. Not an easy thing to do!

I know the boys had fun at Kendra's birthday party. We hope she did to. Happy Birthday Ken!

Write you later.....Jordan


  1. Something about Noah in the photo below the 2 boys eating looks so much like Jennifer...do you see it?

  2. Great pics from great parties!! I know all the kids had a great time!!