Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This N That

I don't really have one thing to write about today, so I thought I would write about this n that!

Here goes......

Noah had a little tumble head first on blacktop over the weekend. So this would be his second goose egg on his head. This one looks a little worse than the last one, but it is in the same spot......go figure!

He really had a bad booboo!

We are trying to sell out house, have been for a while. Not going as good as we had hoped! We are wanting to move closer to my family since I drive there every weekend anyway! Wish us luck!

Our house, which is a little hard to sell right now...ARGH

My sister in law gave me a book to read, and it is excellent! They recently made a movie based on some of the real life events. You may have heard of it and seen it, The Vow. This book is written from the husbands perspective. He is very honest and talks about the spiritual journey and makes me want to cry, just about ever page. For anyone who knows God, wants to know God, or is curious about him, this book will give you cold chills! I highly recommend it!

The real family the vow was written about.

For any of you that read The Mom-Me-Diaries, you might remember her post about her husband who we recently found out had cancer. The Mom-Me is my sister. My brother in law can really use your continued prayers. Randy is such a wonderful brother in law and we need to keep him in our family! His first round of Chemo is this Friday. Pray for him and his beautiful family please!

My brother in law, Randy!

My sister's sister in law and family are moving back to shelbyville this coming weekend! We are very excited. Her daughter Shelby is about the age of my niece Jillian. They have such a wonderful time playing together. I know they are both excited!

Kim, Jay and Shelby

We went to the peddlers mall this past weekend and Jillian found a both that she loved. It is filled with little girl clothing and accessories. She kept calling it her home. It was so cute!

Jillian in her house, with some stunning sunglasses!

Saturday we had a yard sale and it went great. We had our doubts because we didn't get started until almost 10........which is super late for a yard sale. However we did go until 5, which is latest we have ever done a yard sale!

I guess that is all I have for now. Don't forget to stop by for wordless Wednesday!

Write you later.....Jordan


  1. Aww, poor guy and his goose eggg :( I just try to keep in mind that I think its worse on us than it is on them!

    I had no idea you were related to the 'Mom-me' but I have keeping Randy in my prayers since I read the first post. I will continue doing so until he is healed.

    Take care :)

  2. Love the this and that! Poor Noah and his boo boo, glad he's better! Thanks for the prayer shout out, we can use them! Love y'all!