Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Noah's language

I think that all of the parents out here in blogger land can agree that when your kid starts talking it is exciting! I love it when my little Noah learns new words and uses them. It makes me feel really good as a parent that my child is learning.

On the other hand my son has a little problem pronouncing words right now. So, unfortunately for me, some of words don't sound like what they should.

For example: when Noah says please, it sounds like tease......not a big deal until he says pretty please, which sounds like titty tease!

Somewhat funny and cute, but there are still other words that have a similar pronunciation.

Noah loves Mickey Mouse and whenever he sees Mickey he exclaims Dickey. Yes, my son has taken a beloved childhood character and made him sound bad.

One last word that he likes to use his different language for is paci.......only to Noah the word sounds like assy. Yes, he completely drops the p from the word and it takes on a whole different meaning.

My sweet little man doesn't know he is saying these things the wrong way, or how they sound to adults, but we do.

Again, I love that he is learning new words, I just wish he could pronounce them so that they don't sound perverted!

We may be looking at a speech therapist in the future if he doesn't grow out of it!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic New Year!

Talk to you later.....Jordan


  1. Jordan, I'm sure you aren't looking for advice on this one, just want to remember. One mistake I've made with Darien that I'll share though is that when he pronounced things wrong I didn't always correct him, especially when it was so darn cute! I know that for children with speech issues, it may not be this easy, but most children have a period where they're learning how to form their mouth correctly in order to make certain sounds. Anyway - it's important to make sure you pronounce it correctly when they do that. I would place an emphasis on the sound Darien was pronouncing incorrectly. I let him see my mouth so that he could learn to form his mouth that way in order to correctly pronounce the sound. Also, my stepson, when he was little, couldn't pronounce his SM and SP sounds. He said it with an F. So, instead of spoon, he would say "foon" and it was so cute when he would say "fart" for smart. It took us a while, especially at 8 years old, to continuously work on those sounds. We highly emphasized the SSSSS MMMMM and SSSSS PPPPP actually separating the sounds. It took him a while, but he finally got it. Such fun memories though, you're going to be glad you documented this!

  2. He is so stinkin' cute! Love it when they say silly things. He may grow out of it. When my little man says L it sounds like W. Love the pictures.

  3. He'll grow out of it I'm sure! But I do agree with CaraBeth, we probably should try and correct him. I know we don't either we just say it like they do! Oops!