Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hello all,

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been through several weeks of training for my new job and we just moved! I will be so glad when all the training is over.....I am learning a lot though.

I have to go back next week for three days. I am excited for the learning aspect but not so much about leaving Noah again!

He did pretty good the first week, besides the double pink eye and black eye that he got.........thanks to my husband letting him fall in Kroger. Men don't seem to understand that no matter what small length of time your child is in a store you should put them in a cart or hold them. MEN!

The Sunday night before I was supposed to leave Noah had a rough nights sleep. I told Andrew just to bring him to bed with us, thinking that would be better.......not so much!

He tossed and turned and flailed his arms and ended up smacking me in the eye. Luckily I didn't get a black eye, but I sure was tired for my over two hour drive the next morning.

Before I was able to get on the road he heard me getting out of bed and started crying for me. I was so heart broken to have to leave him, but his dad finally got him to calm down.

He has done a little bit better after the first two weeks I was gone, but he is super clingy when I get back. He is so mommas boy right now!

He has a lot to adjust to these days with a new house, me being in and out for training, and a new daycare. I know he will get used to it and I am so thankful everyone else feels that way to!

I will try to write soon about his progress.......if there is some soon!

Here are a few random pics to leave you with.

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