Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mommies little helper

Hello all,

I know I have been missing for a while, but I have still had such a wonderful time keeping up with all of you!

Hopefully I have made it easier to comment because I have taken the "robot" verification thingy

Noah has always loved to help with vacuuming. Below are a few pictures of him helping me clean the floor in the cats room.

Anyway.....Noah loves to vacuum, and SAMs club has a toy dyson vacuum! I think it is adorable and Noah would love it, but what do you think?

Is it crazy to get him a play vacuum?! I was gungho on getting it at first, but my husband thought it was silly. Usually I wouldn't care what he thought, but now I am wondering.

He is obviously getting other things for Christmas, but I just thought he would love it because it is almost exactly like the one I use.

So, what do you all think? Am I nuts, or should I get it?! Thanks for your help!

Talk to you later.....Jordan


  1. Can you find a small vacuum that actually works...then he could be a real helper....he could even come over and "help" me!

  2. It's silly!! He just use the one he has one picture!! Lol!!

  3. He is hilarious! Love those pictures. My little man asked Santa last year for a vacuum. Seriously, he did. Santa brought him a blue one, it was his favorite gift. MERRY CHRISTMAS!