Monday, August 20, 2012

Nightmare, in daylight

My nightmare, came to life

Sunday we went to church as usual and when church ended I got Noah in the car and shut the door........and here is where it gets scary!

The doors locked, right after I shut Noah's door!

Oh *bleep*

At first I thought Noah had the keys and was pressing buttons. Good, I thought. At least he will hit the unlock button soon. But after looking in closely I didn't see him holding anything.

So at this point I start flipping out, frantically telling my sister that my doors just locked, I don't know where my keys are and Noah is in the hot car.

Randy, (my brother in law) says maybe GP, (my grandfather) has AAA. So I ran in the church and began telling semi shouting to my grandmother that Noah is locked in the car and I don't have a spare key. I asked if they had AAA, and they calmly said NO. (Not what I wanted to hear.) I then said that we needed to call someone and my grandmother stares at me and then asks if I need to use her phone. I don't think she was processing the information. I think I said semi shouted, "No, I need my car unlocked so I can get Noah out."

My sister comes in the church to tell me someone is calling the police!

Finally someone is thinking!!!!!

As soon as I got back to the car, I can see a little bit of sweat on Noah's face and I am starting to freak out and start crying, because I don't know how the doors got locked.

My sister gives me a hug and tells me it will be fine and that he is okay. (Hooray for portable DVD players. Noah was distracted most of the time by Mickey Mouse playing.)

We only had to wait for a few minutes and the emergency vehicle arrived.

The guy starts working on figuring out how he needs to open my vehicle. Unfortunately newer vehicles are a little harder to open. It took several minutes to get the door opened, because of the way the locks on my vehicle are modeled!

There were several people from church still standing around outside, helping guide the worker to the get to the lock to open the door. It took a few minutes to get the vehicle unlocked, but it seemed like a lifetime.

I have to say, I have never been so happy to see a car door open! I ran over and got Noah. I think he could tell by my reaction that I was upset because he laid his sweat covered head on my shoulder!

It ended up that the keys were between the seat and the door panel on the drivers side front seat. Again, I have no clue how the vehicle locked!

After everything was over I told my sister, I didn't know how anybody could leave a child in the car. Noah was only in there for a little bit and he was already sweating all over.

I took Noah to the Emergency worker and we both said thank you. I just wish I had gotten his name so I could send him a thank you basket or something! I think I will try to get his info anyway.

The lesson I learned in the church parking lot.....NEVER EVER, under any circumstance leave your keys in your car, especially when your child is in there. AND, always have a spare key. I actually got one made today!

Next time I promise the post will be happy with pictures!

Write you later.....Jordan


  1. Everything turned out fine! I know how scared you were and I have to admit I cried when I pulled Noah out of his Carseat! I'm glad he is okay!! Love you and glad I could semi keep you calm!

  2. Phew, that sounds so scary! I am so sorry you had to go through that. I can only imagine. But Thank God an emergency worker got there quick and your precious little man is just fine!

  3. Oh man! I would be the same way you are, Jordan! I would be so scared, and in panic mode. Glad everything turned out alright, and you were probably at the place for that to happen.