Friday, June 1, 2012

All about my Noah

Well, since I did no start my blog until my son was 16 months old, I am going to go back to the beginning of our story.

Noah Mitchell Lardner

Born: January 13, 2011 
Time: 12:48 pm
Weight: 6lbs 14oz
Inches: 20
Hospital: Baptist East
Doctor: Dutton

I remember the doctor handing him to me after he was born then looking at my sister and husband and saying, "someone should really post this on Facebook." They both kind of looked at me and laughed, but my sister was very quick and up went the post!

Baptist East was implementing this program called kangaroo care. This is where baby and mom have skin to skin contact as soon as the baby is born. I knew for sure that I wanted to do this.

While we were in the hospital the doctor told us that Noah was Jaundice and we needed to have a bili-blanket to take home with us. If any of you know what this is, you will agree that it does not look like a blanket at all. It plugs into the wall anis attached to a machine that look like a small projector. When it turns on the tube that runs to the "blanket" turns the blanket blue. The blanket had to be on him all of the time and then we went to the hospital every day to have his blood tested to see if he was still Jaundice. After three full days of the bili-blanket we were finally able to send it back!

Noah loved to be held as a baby, and I loved to hold him. I know that he was, and still is, a little spoiled, but he is my first baby and all I wanted to do was hold him. My husband loved to cuddle with him as well.

I remember at his 2 week check up our Pediatrician told my husband and me that no parents of a 2 week old should look as good as we did. I loved that comment!

Write you later.....Jordan

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  1. I'll never forget that day either! I was so honored to be there for his birth! And you didn't mention that Andrew and I were both crying when the doc handed him to you and then you said, shouldn't we get this on fb!!!