Saturday, June 30, 2012

Noah likes smoothies

Best Buy had this great Hamilton Beach, single serve blender. Great for smoothies, especially when it is just me and Noah most of the time! There is almost always waste when we use the big blender, and this one has a lid just like a travel mug, so I don't have to dirty any cups!

I had two $5 rewards certificates to use and the blender was on sale for $15.99. So I got the blender for $5!!!!!

Noah absolutely loves it, look at these pictures:

I have no doubts that this blender will get $5 worth of use! I think we will call this the summer of smoothies.

Does anyone else's kids like smoothies this much? What does your child get this excited about?

Write you later.....Jordan


  1. Good deal on the blender! Noah is so adorable!

  2. Great deal!! He loves his smoothies just like his momma!!

  3. Smoothies are so good for him, it is great he likes them. Great deal on the blender!

  4. What a great deal! It was worth $5 from just the first use after how much it looked like he enjoyed the smoothie! Its funny you posted this because we started making smoothies two days ago as well! We started off with a yummy strawberry banana smootie! They are a huge hit in our house!

  5. Great tip on the blender! Prob nice not to have to clean a big blender for a little smoothie:). Our fav is frozen bananas, PB and almond milk:).