Monday, June 11, 2012

Where does the time go?

I can't believe Noah is almost 17 months old! It is crazy to me that I have had my little man for that long.

I don't know if any other parents feel the same way as me, but when Noah does or learns something new I am so excited and sad at the same time. Obviously I want him to continue to learn new things- which is the excitement and warm fuzzies I get, but I am also a bit sad that he is growing up so fast. Am I crazy, or do any of you feel that way to?

Noah has recently learned how to play with this train set I bought him this past Christmas. It's small but cute!

He even knows how to press the button and make the train go now!

At 17 months:

Noah can say: dad, mom, dog, cat, Wyatt, kissa, jilly, thank you, yes, bless you, Uh oh, nana (like banana) and I am sure there are others I am missing

He can: quack like a duck, growl like Simba of off the Lion King, shake his head no

He likes to: try and open doors (he can open French doors if they are low enough), try to climb on anything, get down from the couch, be outside, put toys away, throw things in the trash when told (I like this sometimes, but he also had a weird fascination with trash cans)

I love it when: I rock him at night (because he still likes to cuddle), he gives me kisses and hugs, he knows "mommies song" is over and he takes his paci out of his mouth to give me a good night kiss!!!!!

He eats: almost any fruit, almost any vegetable, mac n cheese, yogurt, some deli meat, but not much hamburger or chicken.....we haven't tried fish yet

Weighs: around 25 lbs (not an exact number)

Height: 32 inches tall (no exact number here, just guessing)

Noah is into everything all the time. He has a bit of a temper if you take something from him that he wants and can throw quite a fit, but he can also be the sweetest kid in the world! I love you so much son and wouldn't change you for the world!

Thanks for reading!

Write you later.....Jordan


  1. he's growing up into a little man, cherish those moments!

  2. You know I totally feel the same way!! Where does the time go? Jillian will be 4 this year...crazy! Noah is growing up so much! Love you guys!