Monday, June 18, 2012

Bumps , bruises and scrapes...oh my

So, I have decided recently that boys are just more accident prone than girls are.

My sister has a girl and a boy, and she seems to agree! Jillian is almost 4 and she has had a few falls, but Wyatt her son has had more falls and scrapes than she can remember with Jillian when she was his age.

Below are just a few of Noah's bumps, bruises and scrapes!

This picture is when we were over at Carissa's for the weekend and he busted his lip. If your kid has ever done this you know the blood just keeps coming. A little scary the first time it happens!

This picture is a little difficult to see, but he has a large goose egg on his head. I can't remember what he feel into, but it was pretty substantial in size!

This picture is from Derby when he fell into a decorative chest on the floor. He busted his chin. He still has a little bit of a scar,but it doesn't look too bad!

This last picture is after he scraped his leg climbing a concrete step at his Memaw and Pop Pop's house!

This concludes my theory that boys are more accident prone than girls!!!! I am sure there are many more to come...........and I am so looking forward to all of them. NOT!

Write you later.....Jordan

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